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Professional consultation.

Gillier Call Centres is dedicated to promoting the contact center environment and helping centers to reach their maximum potential. Gillier Call Centre’s enthusiasm and leadership set the standards for success that drive the entire organization. Gillier Call Centres has an extensive background in the global contact center market — we has worked in more than 8 countries, and our clients have ranged from small startups to International Clients and multinational corporations.

You may be a small company looking for guidance and help to improve your customer service or inside sales operations. Or you may be a larger company looking for experienced consulting to take your customer contact operations to the next level. Either way, Gillier Call Centres Consultants are well suited to assist you.

Gillier Call Centres Consultants was established with the goal to provide independent and vendor neutral consulting services to any business, large or small, using either inbound or outbound customer contact operations as a strategic part of their business.

Our neutrality has enabled us to provide objective and on target consulting leading to the development of specific solutions for our clients. Our approach is designed to meet each client's individual and unique needs. We ask questions, lots of them, and we listen. Our goal is to partner with you to find the right solutions for your challenges.

Because all of our call center Consultants have practitioner experience, we understand the challenges of running and growing your contact center operations. If you are small, or just starting a call center operation, we've been there and can help

We also have the experience and expertise to provide consulting for any aspect of your customer contact operations including employee retention, regulatory compliance, and process re-engineering. Our consulting services also include Resource Solutions to provide highly professional and experienced resources to fill your temporary call center needs. With more than 25 years of combined consulting experience, we have a wide range of well developed competencies and can tackle the most significant of your challenges.

Our expertise includes strategic planning and tactical implementation. We do not just hand solutions over to you and leave you on your own. Our focus is to assist with the implementation of those plans to ensure success and your complete satisfaction

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